“I tried other products, they don’t work , I’m back to Root Guard for good! “

Brian M. - Hayes  Construction

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“Nooooo! Not Root Guard!”

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“Nooooo! Not Root Guard!”


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“I'm very glad I can purchase locally…I am so glad I found you folks and the information I needed!”   -Vicky P. Redwood City, CA

“THANK YOU! I could tell you stories!  I do LOVE your gopher wire.  Once upon a time I had 63 different rose varieties in my garden - a different house, up in Sebastopol - and they all were planted in your wire baskets.  If they had not been, they would have gone the way of everything else in that garden ... going ... going ... Gone!”     -Jill K. Richmond, CA

“I have a huge problem with gophers and I would like to convey to you how much I appreciate your products.  Thanks!”    -Rebecca c.

“We used Root Guard Gopher Wire Baskets during our Earth Day volunteer planting at a heavily used and gopher inhabited State Park campground and wow what a difference they made.  A year later all the oak trees and native shrubs are thriving thanks to the root protection provided by the Root Guard Wire Baskets.  Now we make sure that Root Guard Wire Baskets are a part of our planting efforts in our campgrounds. “  - Jodi P.  Environmental Scientist

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“Bottom line, without Digger's Gopher Baskets, the gophers will get your young tree roots once they sense the moisture from watering and your tree will be dead!”  -David D.